Voting Member Organisations

As a voting member, your organisation will have the right to vote for CIVICUS’ Board of Directors and nominate a candidate to serve as a member of our Board. Special benefits will also apply to this category.

Please note that your organisation will have to be minimally verified before being accepted as a voting member.

To apply, you will have to follow these 5 steps:


2) CIVICUS WILL REVIEW THE APPLICATION and if something is missing may contact you to require additional information

3) IF YOUR ORGANISATION QUALIFIES TO BE A VOTING MEMBER, CIVICUS WILL SEND YOU A NOTIFICATION giving instructions for the payment of the membership fees (there will be online and offline payment options). If the organisation does not qualify as a voting member, it will be given the status of associate member (free, lifetime, basic membership with non-voting status).

4) Once notified about its eligibility, YOUR ORGANISATION SHALL PAY THE REQUIRED MEMBERSHIP FEES. If no payment is received within 30 days from the notification, your organisation will be automatically downgraded to an associate member (free, lifetime, basic membership).

5) Once payment is confirmed, you will receive a receipt.

CIVICUS recognises that smaller, under-resourced organisations are keen to support our work as fully affiliated voting members, but may be unable to pay the required membership fees. Under exceptional circumstances, CIVICUS offers one year voting membership fee waivers. To apply, contact

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